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its really okay, i have [entries|friends|calendar]
been disapointed before.

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October 15th, 2005 ]
[ mood | loved ]

im in like an extra good mood for some reason. i feel so happy. i havent in a long time. i think im even starting to have respect for myself again, its been awhile. and i am just in the best mood ever. i couldnt ask for more. well last night was fun in a weird way, went to the game with annie ana dari and stacy. its kind of weird but like we all got so close, i mean ana i have been hanging out with her for two years and we even got closer? ahah i know im a loser. and me and annie have like so many things in common. its weird. but im glad =)

after the game annie just came over for awhile and she had to leave. then i like couldnt sleep at all, so i talked to ana dari and stacy for forever on the phone. i like couldnt sleep at all last night, i got like two hours of sleep. and im up soo early.

today im going to annies and were going to the mall with stacy + dari to get my babyyee ana her birthday present. then going back to annies and ana is coming over and i think going to anthonys. with hailey and alex. and idk what else.

happy early birthday ana i LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

2 ;maybe its the memories<3

October 9th, 2005 ]
[ mood | blah ]

i havent updated in this thing like forever, well alot has happend. blahhh.
this weekend was pretty boring. did like nothing, i was grounded cus like everything thats
been happening.

friday- uhh babysat?
saturday- my mom woke me up and told me we were going to Ft.Lauderdale?? it was boring, we stayed at a really nice hotel though.
sunday- woke up and tanned for awhile then we drove home at like 12.

suchh a borrinngg weekend

1 ;maybe its the memories<3

June 15th, 2005 ]
[ mood | confused ]

i havent updated in a while but anyways summers been pretty good so far ;]

yesturday- went to the beach with Estelle and Emily for awhile then came home Ana Dari and Mycalann came over went to tims with Hailey & Ryan & Alex .. then Alex took us to kfc..? came home got readie danny picked us up and we went back to his house with Danny Robbie & Kenneth .. the he took us home again at 12 then we went to ryans for a little bit then Danny came back and picked us up he let us drive ;] then went back to his house watched movies and we went back home around 5ish. Mycalann and Dari went to sleep and me && Ana werent reallie tired soo we just stayed upp and went to Ryans at 6. We like opened the door to go in his house and the alarm went off? so we just left and ended up just going for a walk came home at like 7, fell asleep.

Today - me and Ana woke up at like 11 we went to Ryans, we left around 12, went back to my house daris mom picked her up. And then me Ana & Mycalann just sat around my house all day .. mycalann left around 5, then me and ana hungout with ryann eheh workd out ;] and now were just at ryanss house extremlyyy bored .. !



9 ;maybe its the memories<3

June 2nd, 2005 ]
[ mood | okay ]

more pictures i didnt add from end of school ;] Collapse )

32 ;maybe its the memories<3

May 30th, 2005 ]
[ mood | happy ]

well summer has beenn pretty good so far ;]

thursday - after school ana and dari came over we were going to go cheesecake factory but instead we just ate in the mall then danny .. robbie.. & kenneth picked us up from thare and we went to dannys for awhile then he drove us home around 12.

friday - darianne left early and me and ana just sat around my house all day then we went back to her house and just watched moviess ;] and fell asleep around 2..

saturday - woke up got readie and went to ians for awhile then my mom took us to robbies and just hungout thare for awhile then my dad picked us up around 10:30ish then me and ana came back to my house and watched tv and fell asleep around 1:30.

sunday- woke up got readie and went to shanes just chileddd with him for a long time then my dad picked uss upp around 11 then we came home and tim came over and we hungout with him until like 12:30.

and today i think me and ana are going to shaness not sure yettt

«3333 love youuu


10 ;maybe its the memories<3

May 27th, 2005 ]
[ mood | moody ]

i love you «33Collapse )

13 ;maybe its the memories<3

May 26th, 2005 ]




18 ;maybe its the memories<3

May 20th, 2005 ]
[ mood | B0RED! ]

today we got our yearbooks i look like a fagg in all the pictures of me lol ..
tonight im absolutly nuthing .. im grounded and its realie gay? but whatever not soo
sure what im doing the rest of the weekend .. cant wait for summerr ;] last day of
school is my birthday! cant wait hah loveeeeeuuuuuuuu



16 ;maybe its the memories<3

May 7th, 2005 ]
[ mood | boredd ]

picturesss ;] Collapse )

32 ;maybe its the memories<3

my weekend and picturesss [Tuesday
April 26th, 2005 ]
[ mood | happie ? ]

on friday me and ana went to relay for life when we qot thare we saw emily estelle jamie meqhan and brooke so we were with them for awhile then we were with ashley aand jildaa for a lonq time and we left at 11 came home and fell asleep around 12:30 .. it was daris birthday :] so we woke up went to anas qot readie thare went to the mall to qet daris present and went to CPK with me mycalann darianne ana ryan john and her mom .. it was qood :] then we qot back to dariannes we just hunqout around thare annie came over and i actually qot to meet her ;] then we fell asleep at like 1?? when we woke up darianne and mycalann went to the mall and me and ana went to robbies with jesse and hunter jesse left and duffy ended up cominq over then he left at like 1 or 2? then darianne came back over cus she had qotten back to mall and we all just hunqoutttt then my mom had to come qot me at like 5? i love you <333

picturess «3333 Collapse )

39 ;maybe its the memories<3

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